Brattland Family  

Early Brattland Family History  Journal of Andrew A. Brattland

Early Brattland Family History from  17th Century Norway to 1846 arrival in the US and on into the 20th Century

Brattland Family US Arrival New York October 5, 1846 aboard Ship Palestine from Stavanger, Norway via LaHarve, France

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My late wife ,Patricia passed away Friday morning, May 30, 2014 in El Cajon, California.  Patricia Ann Murphy Brattland was very heavy into research on the Dumnas and her Murphy family pioneer heritage in Central Valley of California. Pat was also very proud of her Native American heritage as a California Dumna Yokuts Indian. She was the Vice Chairman of the CDF Native American Advisory Commission in California and was a member of the Dumna Band.
Mike Brattland (Tri-Power Guy) is a retired Naval Officer, Naval Aviator, Naval Helicopter Pilot.  He is the Retired Reunion Manager for the Naval Helicopter Association (NHA) and the Webmaster for the Naval Helicopter Association Historic society (NHAHS). He is the author of a technical publication on Ford Multiple Carburetion which he sells at  .  He helps his  friend  and business partner with the business side of his car carrier business in all his free time outside of his main job. He also manages more than a dozen car related websites in the Greater San Diego Area. He is married to Catherine Denise Brattland. she has a son, Robert Snyder of Chula Vista, California

Joy Brattland , my mother passed away on Friday December 16, 2011 in Carmichael, California at age 89.

Karen Brattland  is living in Tucson, Arizona and has is retired as a civilian employee of the Navy.. She is a lifelong horsewoman owning many in the past, but none currently. She is a docent in a Tucson Historical House.



Jon and Shayna Brattland

Alan Brattland and Vivian French

Amir and Elizabeth (Brattland) Hajrlahovic

Patricia Brattland

Joy Brattland

Karen Brattland

Michael and Cathy Brattland

Robert and Summer Snyder